Episode 8: Sex in Star Trek (LD 3×04 "Room for Growth")

Rob & Kev embark on a perilous voyage in search of positive depictions of sex in Star Trek. Propelled by Star Trek: Lower Decks season 3, episode 4, "Room for Growth", they explore Captain Kirk putting on his boots in "Wink of an Eye", Data's twisting (and twisted!) journey of sexual self-discovery in "The Naked Now", and Captain Janeway using the holodeck for what it does best in "Fair Haven".
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LD 3×04 Room for Growth (Memory Alpha)
TNG 7×17 Masks (Memory Alpha)
LD 2×05 An Embarrassment Of Dooplers (Memory Alpha)

TOS 3×13 Wink of an Eye (Memory Alpha)
TOS 0×01 The Cage (Memory Alpha)

Sex is weird/dangerous/evil
TNG 1×03 The Naked Now (Memory Alpha)
Mirror Kira Nerys (Memory Alpha)
VOY 2×15 Threshold (Memory Alpha)
DS9 4×06 Rejoined (Memory Alpha)

TNG 1×03 The Naked Now (Memory Alpha)
DIS 1×09 Into the Forest I Go (Memory Alpha)

Sexuality vs Sensuality
Betazoid wedding (Memory Alpha)
DS9 1×17 The Forsaken (Memory Alpha)
DS9 7×14 Chimera (Memory Alpha)
Star Trek: Insurrection (Memory Alpha)

TNG 2×09 The Measure Of A Man (Memory Alpha)

Star Trek: First Contact (Memory Alpha)

DS9 5×03 Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places (Memory Alpha)

Pairing off on Voyager
VOY 2×25 Resolutions (Memory Alpha)
VOY 7×18 Human Error (Memory Alpha)

VOY 6×11 Fair Haven (Memory Alpha)

Watch: Dr. Bashir & Garak Express Their Love In Fanfic Performed By Alexander Siddig & Andrew Robinson (TrekMovie)

Music: Distänt Mind, Brigitte Handley
Episode 8: Sex in Star Trek (LD 3×04 "Room for Growth")
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