Episode 6: The Hunt (LD 3×02 "The Least Dangerous Game")

Rob & Kev are on the hunt … for Star Trek episodes featuring predator/prey cultures! Inspired by Lower Decks season 3 episode 2, "The Least Dangerous Game", they visit Tosk (DS9), the Hirogin (VOY), some lady in a swamp (ENT), and the Kelpiens (DIS).

LD 3x02 The Least Dangerous Game (Memory Alpha)
Wilhelm Scream (All That's Interesting)

DS9 1x06 Captive Pursuit (Memory Alpha)
Roddy McDowall (Planet of the Apes wiki)

VOY 4x15 Hunters / 4x16 Prey (Memory Alpha)
Kazon (Memory Alpha)
Vidiians (Memory Alpha)

ENT 1×18 Rogue Planet (Memory Alpha)

DIS 2×06 The Sound of Thunder (Memory Alpha)
Ba'ul (Memory Alpha)
Kelpien (Memory Alpha)
Armus (Memory Alpha)
Sontaran (TARDIS Data Core)
Rutan (TARDIS Data Core)

Music: Distänt Mind, Brigitte Handley
Episode 6: The Hunt (LD 3×02
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